le meridian CHARLOTTE NC hindu WEDDING

Yesha’s Version:

“Vishal and I were introduced on the day I first landed in Grenada for medical school. We didn’t kick it off right away or anything like that. Over a few encounters, we realized that the world was epically small, and we had quite a lot of connections ranging from Greek Life to mutual friends. We actually became friends a semester later when we were both on the executive board for ICSA. After making fun of me for rooting on the Panthers or my Tar Heels, I guess Vishal just couldn’t stay away from my southern charm. We became great friends, and the rest was history! I guess Batman and Wonder Woman had to team up eventually!”

Vishal's Version:

“V and Y both travel to Grenada, West Indies for medical school. V is in his second semester, Y is in her first. Y’s very first night on the island, a friend introduces her to V. Y says hello, V responds with a nod and continues on conversing with his other friends…A couple months later … V is hosting a Garba workshop through the Indian Cultural Student Association. Y, also being on a dance team throughout college, was intrigued and attended. V saw Y and “taught her some moves.”

More time passes … Y and her first semester friends are performing for the ICSA Show and are need of technical wisdom in order to compile their music into one. She is pointed to none other than V. She facebook messages V, who responds with “Ew, a DPO;” acknowledging another similarity both have; being a part of a South Asian Greek Life. V helps Y out and makes a fire mix. *insert flames emoji*The following semester … V and his roommate head to Greek Kitchen for some food, drinks, and to watch the NFL Playoffs. Over there, V sees this character who is cheering, yelling and acting like she knows what is happening. It was Y. V starts instigating when the opposing team does stuff right, and that is the start of the friendship occurred.”



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