Shellie & jarrett

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shellie & jarrett’s story

Words from Shellie -

“I was on the search for a new car after totaling mine in an accident on a September evening. I was fairly certain of the car I wanted when walked into the dealership on a sunny Friday afternoon. I was placed with a sales manager who helped me through the process.

After purchasing my car and a few extras that would require me to revisit the dealership only a few short weeks after my purchase my sales manager, Dean Letorney, let me know he & his wife would be traveling when I was supposed to go back in but he’d have a contact there who would help me. Sure enough, when I went back in the few weeks following the receptionist called over to someone’s direct line letting them know I was there, that someone being Jarrett and my sales manager, Dean’s son.

When he walked up to greet me there was this palpable instant attraction between us. We made small talk & he helped me with what I needed making a few innocent jokes and we both went on our way.

I went home that night telling my roommate, and now bridesmaid, about this very cute guy I met that day. She immediately asked what his name was so we could “stalk” his Facebook to find out more about him but I hadn’t caught it that day. (It would turn out she already knew him from working with him at his first job out of college.)

A couple months went by and I was back at the dealership getting my oil changed. (My long commute at my former job had me in there in about half the time which I can say now wasn’t a bad thing.) As I pulled into the dealership I wondered if I would see “that cute guy” again and as fate would have it he was walking across the lot at that very moment. Failing to know where I needed to go I found the perfect opportunity to ask for his help. We made small talk again that day and then went our separate ways. Fast forward to the end of February the next year. I got a message from “the cute guy at the dealership” on a social media outlet and was intrigued to say the least. I mean, what took him so long! It was a Friday night and he asked me if I wanted to go grab a drink but I politely turned him down telling him I was busy with plans all weekend. Not letting it go he proposed the idea of a Sunday afternoon date, I accepted and we’ve been with together ever since. :)”

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