Monika & Michael Salama


Monika and Michael’s love story began in the midwest where they met under quite the funny circumstance. While playing an ice breaker game that involved oreos on foreheads they shared some laughs and never looked back! 

Monika and Michael are the sweetest couple, and in just meeting them one-on-one you can feel the deep love that they share for one another. We were excited to help them put the pieces together in making the perfect wedding album and wedding film. They are devoted to their faith and decided without question to have their ceremony in a Greek Orthodox church on the East Coast while having their reception take place in a stunning Resort and Spa near the beach. 

Although the weather was not ideal, we found a way to make the photos work in their favor! They celebrated the night away with their friends and family! Congratulations Monika & Michael! Thank you for letting us film your special day!

Words FROM Monika -

“Our story began in February 2015 at the Midwest Retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (Yes, Coptic retreats sometimes work!) For ice breakers, everyone was split into groups and the task was to win as many mini games as possible. It so happened that our teams were competing against each other in the infamous Oreo on the forehead game. My team decided to make me go first and try to eat the Oreo off my forehead using only my face. Did I succeed? Absolutely not! In fact, I made a fool out of myself. But Mike found it absolutely hilarious and weirdly very attractive for some odd reason.

A few hours later, this guy comes up to me and says "Hey, check out this video!" Want to know what I saw? I saw an embarrassing video of me trying to eat that Oreo off my forehead. Yep, it all started by Mike blackmailing me, what a romantic! In order to get my number, Mike cleverly told me that he'd delete the video in exchange for my number, how charming! Obviously, Mike did not delete the video (nothing is that easy!) and a few months he flew to Indiana to visit me in May of 2015. A beautiful carriage ride, few conversations, and many laughs later, I suddenly found myself dating this handsome man from North Carolina. After many FaceTimes and flights between Indiana and North Carolina, we fell in love. A few years and numerous adventures later, Mike convinced my entire family to fly out to North Carolina on December 23, 2017. As we were walking through the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, Mike got on one knee and proposed and of course I said YES (multiple times!), surrounded by friends and family.”

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