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Gessica & Jimmy’s Story

Gessica and Jimmy found their way to each other through friendship first. Their relationship began as best friends for several years before turning into anything serious. They were miles apart for a long time until God brought them together, and said it was time for them to begin an intimate relationship.

Everything about this wedding was magnificent! It took place during the peak of fall season in North Carolina where the leaves are so beautiful and picturesque.

Their ceremony took place where their relationship started at Camp Walter Johnson. It was an emotional ceremony to say the least, and we are so happy to have captured every moment of it! Congratulations Gessica & Jimmy!

Words from Gessica -

“Jimmy and I met back in in 2008 at our church's annual Youth Camp in Florida. We met each other casually among a group of friends and that was it. There wasn't much interaction between us two after that initial introduction for the next 6 years. Fast forward to 2014, we reconnected at the same Youth Camp, but this time the camp was being held at Camp Walter Johnson. Jimmy mentions that he said to EB (now best man) and said "there's my future wife"in a joking manner when he first saw me. We instantly connected that week. It was an attraction that was God sent and we were both pretty shocked by it. After the camp was over, we stayed in touch and became good friends. He was living 3.5 hours away from me at the time but still would travel to those miles to spend time together. We hung out, we went to concerts, and we spoke about life. We were real friends.

After a whole year of dating and getting to know each other, Jimmy casually asked me to be his girlfriend on July 10th 2015. There were no balloons, no fireworks, and no big banners that said, "be my girlfriend." It was just the two of us. Everything just fell into place after that. Everything was just so genuine about us and we both knew that God had called us for each other. Now we are about to get married at the same camp that we reconnected to each other back in 2014. We cannot wait!”

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