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disha & anish’s story

Disha and Anish’s met through a family member! They were both living in separate cities while dating. Disha was living in North Carolina while attending law school and Anish was living in New York City while attending medical school. Although their relationship was long distance for many years they found that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Each year of being together their love for each other grew, and they knew they were meant to be for each other. Once they both finished school, and Anish started his residency in NYC, Disha decided to move to NYC to be with him. In 2016, to celebrate their 3 year anniversary they traveled to France where Anish proposed!

Their address took place close to home in Charlotte, NC. They had a beautiful Hindu wedding at Providence Country Club. The most important moments that they wanted us to capture during their wedding weekend was the first look, Baraat ceremony, exchanging of garlands and the special performances during their receptions. Congratulations Disha and Anish, and thank you for choosing us to film your wedding weekend!

From Anish -

“We met through the bride's cousin, Hetal Sheth (who is a bridesmaid). Anish was attending medical school in NYC at the time, and Disha was attending law school in NC. Disha spent the summer between her 2nd and 3rd years in law school in NYC for an internship, at which time we began dating. We spent the summer with Anish showing Disha around NYC, and exploring the city together. We stayed together when Disha moved back to NC at the end of the summer to complete her last year of law school, and Anish was finishing his final year of medical school in NYC. Anish found out he would be staying in NYC for residency after graduation, so Disha moved up as soon as she finished law school (literally, after her graduation ceremony, we packed up her car and drove up to NYC so we could make it there in time for Anish's graduation ceremony) and we have lived in New York since.

In 2016, to celebrate our 3-year anniversary, we took a trip to the south of France. On a day-trip to Monaco, Anish proposed, completely shocking Disha.”

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