Courtney & aaron

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Courtney & Aaron’s story

Words from Courtney -

“Aaron and I met in 2012 in Morgantown, WV in a dingy bar at West Virginia University called Bent Willey's. Aaron was there visiting his sister (the only time he visited Morgantown), and I was also visiting home (I grew up just south of Morgantown). I was in school in Ohio at the time and he was living in Durham, NC for grad school. We kept in touch after hitting it off that day and went our separate ways for a while. He lived out west for a year doing clinical rotations (he was in school to be a physical therapist) and I was in Richmond Virginia post-college. Once he completed his grad school and moved back to the east coast, we reconnected and saw each other every so often when we were traveling and ultimately decided we really had something special! We had a long distance relationship between Richmond and Charlotte for a year until I moved down to Charlotte 2 years ago . We have been vacationing in Southport, NC ever since we have lived in Charlotte with my parents who own a home there. Last April he had planned to pop the question during our first trip of the year to the beach. He took me to a nice dinner and afterward walked me onto a dock on the beach where he asked me to marry him! It was a perfect, private moment that I will never forget! After that, he surprised me with both of our sets of parents being across the street eating dinner to help us celebrate the rest of the weekend. Our parents had never met until that day, so it was a very special weekend! “

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