“It was love at second sight. Despite having a handful of mutual friends, Griffin was a senior and Angela was a junior at High Point University in North Carolina when they first met. Because Angela worked a part time job as a dance teacher, she was forced to take one of her classes with the seniors. When she noticed Griffin in her class she was shocked considering he was one of two males (we were both Elementary Education majors), and thought "he's cute and must be nice," but that was all, they were both dating someone else at the time. Little did she know Griffin had spotted her as well, although, it should have been a sign when his friends were adding her on Facebook shortly after they officially met.

The two were paired together to work on their final project for their class, not by choice, but by alphabetical order (Gervais, Hall). They were good partners and formed a friendship... even though he saw right through her being "sick" for some of their meetings. Angela and one her bridesmaids, Cetera, even gave Griffin a ride to the bar the night before his graduation. After that night, Angela had no idea how wrong she would be in thinking that would be the last time they saw each other.

Without knowing what was happening in each others lives, Griffin and Angela both ended their college relationships that summer. Imagine her surprise the next school year when another one of her bridesmaids, Elizabeth, told her when she got home one day "...that guy Griffin just came by looking for you to say hi." Angela didn't even know he had moved to the area. After hanging out here and there, their first date (although Angela wouldn't admit it) to Chili's, a sorority formal (where another bridesmaid, Makenzie, got to meet Griffin for the first time), and some fun nights out, Angela still wasn't sure what to expect. She had plans to move to the beach for a fun post-grad summer and wasn't going to take anything too seriously. However, Griffin knew what he wanted, and made sure Angela knew he "like liked" her before she moved away. He was persistent in staying in touch, and even made a few trips to the beach where she met his best man, Dustin, for the first time. He even invited her to his house in Connecticut and that's when it finally became clear to Angela that Griffin really liked her, and she "like liked" him too.

Fast forward 4 years and now they live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their precious dog, Cooper. Between then and now, they survived a long distance relationship between Boston and New York City, lived in New York City together for 3 years, rented their first apartment together on the Upper East Side, spent time in California with Angela's friends and family, traveled to Connecticut to visit Griffin's family often to escape the hustle and bustle, and have gone on some AMAZING vacations together, including Paris, the Baltic Sea, and more.

On June 24th, 2017, Griffin got down on one knee and asked Angela to marry him in the middle of Central Park, their favorite place in New York City. Of course she said, "obviously." So there it is, love at second sight, but some pretty awesome love nonetheless.”



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